Karaimi w publikacji Arkadija Tretiakowa Kupcy goroda Kieva

Published in: Almanach karaimski, 2018, 7

Repository: Karaim literary-bibliographic database

ARTICLE (review) - Information

Authors Anna Sulimowicz-Keruth
Language Polish, alphabet Latin

Pchysical description

Pages 131 — 142

Information about content

Abstract This paper is an extended review of Kupcy goroda Kieva (The Merchants of the City of Kiev), a book by Arkadiy Tretyakov published in Kiev 2017 (483 pp., ill.). The book, authored by a Kievan geographer, is based on an exhaustive analysis of the city’s archives. It contains a comprehensive list of merchants who ran various businesses in Kiev between 1836 and 1917. MIt includes more than 30 Karaims, mostly tobacco merchants. Identifying them is a difficult task since Tretyakov does not provide the relevant information. However, an effort is made by the author of the paper to identify them on the basis of surnames and additional data from other sources.
Keywords Karaimi kijowscy; Kupcy tytoniowi; Karaimi w Imperium Rosyjskim; Łuccy Karaimi; Kupcy w Kijowie; Kijów; przemysł tytoniowy w Imperium Rosyjskim

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