Repository: Karaim manuscripts and old prints in Polish private collections

oldprint - details

Translators Pinchas ben Aaron Malecki
Publishers Pinchas ben Aaron Malecki
Language 1. Karaim, northwestern, alphabet Hebrew, 2. Hebrew, alphabet Hebrew
Publication place Wilno
Publication date 1890
Printing house L.L. Mac [Типографія Л. Л. Маца]

Physical description

Material paper
Material description
Number of pages 8 str. + 39 str.
Numeration description Numeracja: I–VIII + 1–39, strony numerowane
Block format 245 x 160 mm
Card format 245 x 160 mm
Rows and columns null x 1
Persistence state and readability state description Zły, szycie poluzowane, wiele stron luzem, krawędzie wielu stron naderwane, rogi kart pozaginane
Binding description Miękka, różowa, luzem


Vocalization vocalized

Information about content

Content summary Pieśni pokutne na Jom Kippur

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